I Talk

I Talk

What's going on HUeye, this is I Talk *insert meme here* here, and in today's video we have a brand new video.

This is my Fortnite HUeye channel! Here, I make a wide variety of videos ALL pertaining to Fortnite! I love to discuss unpopular opinions, leaks, rumors, teasers, and theories!

I like to throw my hat into the ring and have open discussions about everything Fortnite. I like to start a conversation. I like to hear a lot of differing opinions. I feel like my HUeye channel is something different, because something I've noticed with a lot of Fortnite HUeyers, a lot of them clickbait, and mislead with their titles and thumbnails. That is something that I don't stand for and it's something that I want to change.

I hope you guys enjoy my content! I try to read every single comment. I really do care about you guys, and I cannot thank you guys enough for the endless support you guys give me. Thank you once again for giving me a chance.



  1. Wavy DannyYT

    Wavy DannyYT

    14 órája

    Boring shop 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧



    14 órája

    Why do you hate Savage?

  3. jasmine fernandez xo

    jasmine fernandez xo

    14 órája

    I want kyra but I only have 1010 vbucks:(

  4. Doshi


    14 órája

    I been waiting for the "Bronto" Skin (Purple Dinosaur) to come back to the Item Shop! Im Doshi, a purple yoshi/dinosaur and I want to make Gaming content soon, and the Bronto skin fits my Theme so much! But I been waiting forever to get it! :(

  5. RVerseFlash 24

    RVerseFlash 24

    14 órája

    I know nobody gives a crap but here are some people I'd like to see in fortnite spawn, hell boy, tf2 pyro, optimus prime, scorpion, subzero, spider man, hulk, spy tf2, and deathstroke.

  6. CyOctane


    14 órája

    I just want snowbell to come back I know she is a Christmas skin but can we all agree snowbell is better than dynamo 🤢

  7. Saiko animation

    Saiko animation

    14 órája

    Unpopular opinion tempest is better than cyclo

  8. SlothGames


    14 órája

    I got. Halo master chief collection just cause of the skin

  9. Ryan Pemberton

    Ryan Pemberton

    14 órája

    Fortnite kid

  10. vidhatha karunaratne

    vidhatha karunaratne

    14 órája


  11. venji


    14 órája

    Why get mad cause of dynamo cause good players use it like bro what?

  12. Blaze Gaming16000

    Blaze Gaming16000

    14 órája

    Dynamo is a complete meme when it comes to I Talk 😂

  13. dumb beans

    dumb beans

    14 órája

    Why has there been collabs this hole chapter?

  14. Gael Delgado

    Gael Delgado

    14 órája


  15. LBN209


    14 órája

    Pumpernickel worst emote in this game

  16. RedSavage


    14 órája

    1:29 voicecrack.mp4

  17. demqn


    14 órája

    I feel like this one is better then the OG renegade 🤐

  18. David Campbell

    David Campbell

    14 órája

    Ironically, The Flash is slow to leave.

  19. Методи Мирчев

    Методи Мирчев

    14 órája

    Hi italk i think they are not putting shadow ruby until the live event because mabye she will show up in the live envent?

  20. Нonor


    14 órája

    The ugh skin is back...

  21. killaskulz


    14 órája

    The Monk skin is back with the backing peel pack. uhh, Insights back with the backbling sight sling IDK about you but uhh seems to be in the item shop really often tbh lol

  22. PunchedRose


    14 órája

    Soon enough we are gonna run out of things to collab with

  23. Muhammad Alif Farhan Kamil

    Muhammad Alif Farhan Kamil

    14 órája




    14 órája

    alien vs predator

  25. ReD.!


    14 órája

    Should i get scarlet commander

  26. RVerseFlash 24

    RVerseFlash 24

    14 órája

    There is so many skins that need to return like rue, sledge, splode, metal masq set, Travis scott set, kit bash, walking dead set, and psycho bandit. But Fortnite brings back shit like Dynamo and sunsprout

  27. JaysJay


    14 órája

    0:22 *You aren't alone*

  28. ReactiveRazz


    14 órája

    The only reason I Talk hates the save emote is because he knows kids like to use it with thicc skins in party royal

  29. Johnnyboy TrumpetGuy

    Johnnyboy TrumpetGuy

    14 órája

    I love the collabs. I feel like this season could be known as the "Donald Mustard season" bc a lot of the collabs were things that he likes and grew up with, which is awesome. Now for next season, I want to see 1. Something with the Fox Clan and hopefully an updated version of Lucky Landing and 2. I want to see more original skins. Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE this season, but after a collab-filled season, I want to see Fortnite go back to more original skins and stuff like that just to take a break from collabs.

  30. Gtafan


    14 órája

    Dead game

  31. Owen Phillips

    Owen Phillips

    14 órája

    Savage:I hate this emote Dynamo:ughh

  32. n64central


    14 órája

    “Is that a rare emote” 22 days ago...

    • fl1vckz


      14 órája

      It was rare

  33. Jacob Othman

    Jacob Othman

    14 órája

    I know the alien from Mortal Kombat

  34. Slapdash Kids Videos

    Slapdash Kids Videos

    14 órája

    Let’s be completely honest, savage is one of the worst emotes

  35. ResultedXbodies


    14 órája

    What skin is that that you are wearing?

  36. Storm2k


    15 órája


  37. dave smith

    dave smith

    15 órája

    Hi there, Thank you for your response. With regards to your concern, please be advised that your account was disabled due to a chargeback. Please be advised that the chargeback happened when you request a refund from your payment provider. Due to the chargeback on your account, I also regretfully say that we’re unable to reactivate your account upon request. To play again you’ll need to create a new account. I apologize for the inconvenience this might cause and hope for your kind understanding. please some on help me out i want to get my account back please

  38. 3ND3RM4N _777

    3ND3RM4N _777

    15 órája

    Where is D3NNI he disappeared

  39. dave smith

    dave smith

    15 órája

    i have charge back so i can't play fortnite ever again

  40. Nelly Echeverry

    Nelly Echeverry

    15 órája

    Me waiting for Zadie🥱......

  41. Aarnav R

    Aarnav R

    15 órája

    I missed Chapter 2 Season 2, I just Hope that maybe some of it kind of Comes Back because since that Season Began when Quarantine started it was SO Entertaining! So like I said before I just hope that some of it comes back :) Edit:It released when Winter ended and Spring started and the Spring and Summer were my FAVORITE Seasons! :)

  42. Twitch iologic

    Twitch iologic

    15 órája

    lol he said “ugh” and skipped dynamo🤣

  43. MYSTIC5


    15 órája

    It’s the 25

  44. Howie


    15 órája

    We just want zadie ffs

  45. Anastassiya Pace

    Anastassiya Pace

    15 órája

    Please bring back Empress it’s been over 700+ days since she was released

  46. Anastassiya Pace

    Anastassiya Pace

    15 órája

    Please bring back Empress it’s been over 700+ days since she was released

  47. MozyplayzYT


    15 órája

    Well green arrow wasn't an item shop collabe but I agree with the rest

  48. 3ND3RM4N _777

    3ND3RM4N _777

    15 órája

    In 4 days we got 1 year without shadow ops

  49. Maddox Bright

    Maddox Bright

    15 órája

    Just saying every time I watch you you always get so much views and comments (Congrats on your famous Talk)

  50. Ronaoro Zoro

    Ronaoro Zoro

    15 órája

    the only youtuber that doesnt clickbait the item shop

  51. Nicola Ayling

    Nicola Ayling

    15 órája

    I talk talks a lot

  52. Waffle YT

    Waffle YT

    15 órája

    I talk: sees dynamo I talk: ugh

  53. Hernandez Diego

    Hernandez Diego

    15 órája

    I Talk Fortnite 2018 - 2021 RIP😔

  54. Venom


    15 órája

    I talk u good bro, today u sounded tense for some reason

  55. Tyjhorn


    15 órája

    1:28 was that a voice crack

  56. Veronica Garcia

    Veronica Garcia

    15 órája

    Yo I talk, idk if you will see this, but I wanted to request that maybe you could possibly talk about the whole situation with mobile, and how literally a group of other people are making the game for mobile players because of a how epic games has had the lawsuit for such a long time.

  57. Klσver


    15 órája

    He Thought Pumpernickel was rare 💀

  58. Scoop


    15 órája

    I talk is spitting bars when he said “Shadow strike pack is back” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. jrsonic 2003

    jrsonic 2003

    15 órája

    My favorite skin *sigh*

  60. Stl_Flowz


    15 órája

    I talk I thought your code was it because your youtube changed

  61. W X V Y L A Z Y

    W X V Y L A Z Y

    15 órája

    my acc got hacked so i just watch all sad becuase i dont have anything i had sooo many skins and now i have nothing....

  62. Frxsty


    15 órája

    When there's a pack of like 16 skins lile the football skins ur screwed man u kinda out of vbucks

  63. Thomas Branchflower

    Thomas Branchflower

    15 órája

    I was hoping to see The Boss and Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3, I just feel they could fit.

  64. Dash


    15 órája

    1:28 V O I C E C R A C K

  65. Swaygalaxy


    15 órája

    I like that fortnite is keeping it pg with savage lol

  66. Elizabeth McIntyre

    Elizabeth McIntyre

    15 órája

    I hate this item shop I want the crystal

  67. FireMasterPro14


    15 órája

    The shop is a 2/10 for me plus deducted points for dynamo skin=boring. Also I'm not even surprised that epic forget that the male counter part that doesn't exist in their eyes. Another waste of a slot and for the people loves this skin I'm sorry because dynamo is just a dumb skin in my option, but it's true. Coming at number one for the most annoying and doesn't want go away skin is DYNAMO. A slap in the face for repeat skins or items appearing again less than month.

  68. HawkRPC Games

    HawkRPC Games

    15 órája

    How many cosmetics are in the list yet ?

  69. Andy Inostroza

    Andy Inostroza

    15 órája

    ITF: I REallY Hate this EMOTE!. Also ITF: has Copyright music OFF.

  70. Derek Hnath

    Derek Hnath

    15 órája

    You looked at dynamo and said eh

  71. EJTツ


    15 órája

    The Chun Li skin is absolute fire

  72. G3Ruiz760


    15 órája

    So no Family Guy? Or is there one more collaboration?

  73. Susan Funck

    Susan Funck

    15 órája

    Imagine he sees a dynamo skin doing savage

  74. Queazy J

    Queazy J

    15 órája


  75. bamzy


    15 órája

    Does i talk fortnite not like dynamo 😂

  76. Zac Davies

    Zac Davies

    15 órája

    He really didn’t want to say Dynamo because it’s a sweat skin and he doesn’t like sweat skins cos I saw his yt video saying about we don’t want sweat skins I feel bad for him