I Talk

I Talk

What's going on HUeye, this is I Talk *insert meme here* here, and in today's video we have a brand new video.

This is my Fortnite HUeye channel! Here, I make a wide variety of videos ALL pertaining to Fortnite! I love to discuss unpopular opinions, leaks, rumors, teasers, and theories!

I like to throw my hat into the ring and have open discussions about everything Fortnite. I like to start a conversation. I like to hear a lot of differing opinions. I feel like my HUeye channel is something different, because something I've noticed with a lot of Fortnite HUeyers, a lot of them clickbait, and mislead with their titles and thumbnails. That is something that I don't stand for and it's something that I want to change.

I hope you guys enjoy my content! I try to read every single comment. I really do care about you guys, and I cannot thank you guys enough for the endless support you guys give me. Thank you once again for giving me a chance.



  1. Kenny McGill

    Kenny McGill

    4 órája

    How’d you like night 1 of Wrestlemania?

  2. Arjan ok652

    Arjan ok652

    4 órája

    Trash item shop

  3. GGH Hydrax 72

    GGH Hydrax 72

    4 órája

    Yay it's back I got vbucks toda

  4. tootkoro


    5 órája

    This lookin like it came from a shitty Unity game like Yandere sim ffs

  5. RESP9CT


    5 órája

    (fortnite battle royale)

  6. Aden Olvera

    Aden Olvera

    5 órája


  7. Yaw Media

    Yaw Media

    5 órája

    You did this so quick

  8. Ye Boi

    Ye Boi

    5 órája

    New soccer skins are doo doo

  9. Joey


    5 órája

    I talk do you think that with this new section of the shop that maybe a skin like Travis Scott might come back?

  10. Ye Boi

    Ye Boi

    5 órája

    Why 69 tho wtf

  11. Tails Stew

    Tails Stew

    5 órája

    Omg you are on trending congrats I talk!!

  12. Naruto AMV

    Naruto AMV

    5 órája

    U know were buying it



    5 órája

    I have fighter kite, converse, infernal, marsh walk, zany (before it came back) tidy, fresh, instinct (before she came back)

  14. Haqtd IG

    Haqtd IG

    5 órája

    Wouldn't it be cool for a banner wrap

  15. Mason


    5 órája

    Here before 12 months

  16. AnimationObjectEpic


    5 órája

    I bet I will have to wait for another 118 days for dark vanguard to come back

  17. Paulo Jr

    Paulo Jr

    5 órája

    I'm surprised the banner skins aren't a 30 day item,which makes me happy



    5 órája

    0:38 Is that your idol, mine yes ❤️💪🏼

  19. llamanmonkey YT

    llamanmonkey YT

    5 órája

    Bro i had the zany 😱

  20. Supreme Eddy Spaghetti

    Supreme Eddy Spaghetti

    5 órája

    Bad bunny wining the tag team match was the best one in the card, much fun watching wrestlemania and much love to bad bunny 🐰 💕

  21. Sharkyboyy


    6 órája

    Are u also a WWE fan💙💙

  22. Stig Grundstrøm

    Stig Grundstrøm

    6 órája

    ACTULLY i said pizos locker bundel

  23. Rabia Imran

    Rabia Imran

    6 órája

    almost at 1 million

  24. Rihard Laksaar

    Rihard Laksaar

    6 órája

    I like your videos

  25. PwrsManipulation


    6 órája

    It’s an item shop whatever comes out, it’s comes out. I had zany when it first came out and I was happy for it to come out, my brother wanted it so bad and now he has it. It’s good epic brings out rare skins and emotes, the item shops we’ve been having was total crap.

  26. Edy


    6 órája

    "Have a good one everyone , s..."

  27. DoodleDude ON YT

    DoodleDude ON YT

    6 órája


  28. StrandedFlea457


    6 órája

    Me wondering where PB&J trooper skin is

  29. Mdnightmoon


    6 órája

    Wow vid is #21 trending

  30. DIEZzZzZzNUTS!!!


    6 órája

    every day is new

  31. Excuses Gaming

    Excuses Gaming

    6 órája

    Haven't played fortnite since like season 6 or 7 of the first year or whatever they're doing and honestly, kinda hate the game cause of how sweaty it is but I still have to admit. Fortnite has some of the coolest skins and stuff ever.

  32. BrodyGaming


    6 órája

    Hi I’ve subscribed

  33. Enzo Garcia Petraglia

    Enzo Garcia Petraglia

    6 órája

    : )

  34. Misael Martinez

    Misael Martinez

    6 órája


  35. Tudor Gavriluta

    Tudor Gavriluta

    6 órája

    HUeye notification: I Talk: (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  36. XxxWRLDxxX 999

    XxxWRLDxxX 999

    6 órája

    This is how many times he said Fortnite 👇

  37. _. Jimi2016 ._

    _. Jimi2016 ._

    7 órája

    Do you know if and when the shade skin is coming back to the item shop

  38. Aaron


    7 órája

    *Hey, to you reading* .. you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  39. Aaron


    7 órája

    *Hey, to you reading* .... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  40. Filip Kungen

    Filip Kungen

    7 órája

    Wresmenia pls Wwe skins

  41. • Anyone

    • Anyone

    7 órája

    This is 21 in trending let's gooo

  42. Noah Brie

    Noah Brie

    7 órája

    why dont the boobs juggle like up adn down please add thsi

  43. Mikyle 14

    Mikyle 14

    7 órája

    I did not know u like wwe

  44. Shavix


    7 órája

    "(Fortnite Battle Royale)"

  45. Fllik


    7 órája

    Ugly item shop

  46. ICE_bf


    7 órája

    I got mako glider and battlebus banner



    7 órája

    I’ve been hoping for out west to come out today and it did I can bye it

  48. Romeo Vernon

    Romeo Vernon

    7 órája


  49. Elvis aalto

    Elvis aalto

    7 órája

    I dont like this bc i had zany rare and it came back and i gon bahangraboogie rare and it came back and i got rambaction and it will come back and fresh and tidy and everything like fuck

    • Elvis aalto

      Elvis aalto

      7 órája

      I had every valted a year or more and like fucking fuck

  50. Riley Hruby

    Riley Hruby

    7 órája

    I honestly feel like Fortnite is just trolling us at this point, first they add the plasma carrot with red and blue styles in reboot a friend challenges, then Astro Assassin’s item shop picture features the red style but yet the skin doesn’t have the red style in game!!! Epic please add the red style in game

    • not a sweat

      not a sweat

      6 órája

      Ikr it's so weird....

  51. CBR0tato


    7 órája

    I need Jolly Roger and Gum Drop so bad

  52. Victor Zhao

    Victor Zhao

    7 órája

    Really bad shop

  53. Tiger Playz

    Tiger Playz

    7 órája

    You are using code PIZO not ITF or my code tiger if you like

  54. Tiger Playz

    Tiger Playz

    7 órája

    Yesssss I’m getting the shield and the cape and maby the tally rap idk tho

  55. Gaboich


    8 órája

    I accidently bought masked fury 2 years ago and now its pretty rare😅

  56. Bryan W

    Bryan W

    8 órája

    Night one of mania was fantastic.

  57. Tristan Mireles

    Tristan Mireles

    8 órája

    Nice to see I talk is a wwe fan

  58. Raindrop


    8 órája

    Dead game

  59. Seabass SPradling

    Seabass SPradling

    8 órája

    We need A WWE X FORTNITE

  60. alexgaming 18

    alexgaming 18

    8 órája

    Can anybody tell me what talies means ?

  61. SuperStar


    8 órája

    Still waiting for Rue to come back...

    • not a sweat

      not a sweat

      6 órája


  62. Gta5isfun


    8 órája

    Those new anime skins are gay

  63. Psycho Yoda

    Psycho Yoda

    8 órája

    (In C1S5) i had rambunctious then refunded it for dominator then i refunded dominator for battle pass then i bought soccor skin refunded it for summer drift. Summer drift i like BUT I USED ALL MY REFUND TICKETS!

  64. Bruggers


    8 órája

    It’s Twitter what do you expect, Twitter is where gen z ruins thing and where people get cancelled, life’s tough deal with it

  65. Bruggers


    8 órája

    Well you can’t really much, that’s just them deal with it

  66. Logan Lewis

    Logan Lewis

    8 órája

    Thankfully, I have had the pleasure of never encountering a toxic kid or someone who was being not nice in br. A few times I have seen toxicity in creative but very briefly. I feel bad for the people that need to encounter that every day.

  67. YRN Stallan

    YRN Stallan

    8 órája

    I mean isn’t black widow a rare skin it’s been 706 days thats a vaulted item it should have been coming back

  68. Katie Alice Stephen

    Katie Alice Stephen

    8 órája

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  69. Polo


    8 órája

    Ah yes the old days of season 1-3 when Zany came out. I don't play this damn game anymore, but oh was it gold back then

  70. Jugie mas

    Jugie mas

    8 órája

    Keep it up hope you hit 1m

  71. Tonja Young

    Tonja Young

    9 órája

    Bianca won the smackdown women's championship im happy for her

  72. Itz Me Cheyenne

    Itz Me Cheyenne

    9 órája

    If you are into watching vlogs, pranks, makeup or skits please consider watching some of my videos, really would like some support on my new HUeye channel 🤍

  73. Luke Skywalker, X-Wing pilot

    Luke Skywalker, X-Wing pilot

    9 órája

    I was sad they brought t-pose back. It was my only rare item

  74. The Crazie Fam

    The Crazie Fam

    9 órája

    I would like some WWE skins

  75. Xhuxt


    9 órája

    Petition to bring back Match Point Sign Here ↓

  76. robomorgz_ on ig

    robomorgz_ on ig

    9 órája


  77. Skarlight MorningStar

    Skarlight MorningStar

    9 órája

    Is there a way to check how many points you have

  78. basicsyphilis8


    9 órája

    Waiting for Tusk glider

  79. Benditø


    9 órája

    Damn this got to trending