Family Guy Files Found In Fortnite... (Fortnite Battle Royale)

No words. No. Words.
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  1. DJ Diamond

    DJ Diamond


    Maybe they might appear on the TVs in game

  2. Elwood H

    Elwood H

    3 órája


  3. IO Agent

    IO Agent

    7 órája

    If Peter is are final hunter... Makes sense actually the craziest to end it all...

  4. The Boyz

    The Boyz

    15 órája

    Bro shit haha this game is so dead haha lol

  5. MrStarFox


    15 órája

    Your loosing your mind calm down lol

  6. papyrus


    16 órája

    Im petter Griffin im gonna clap u

  7. Oscar Montoya

    Oscar Montoya

    16 órája

    What if when Peter and the chicken are fight jonesy teleports in and takes them to fortnight and that’s the video for the skins??😳

  8. fbi bob

    fbi bob

    16 órája

    Ah bbbird bird is the word bird bird bird is the word dont you know about the bird. Well peter gonna tell you bout the bird bbbbbbird bird bird bird is the word surfn bird bbbbbbird bird bird bird is the word

  9. fbi bob

    fbi bob

    17 órája

    Hey Lois what peterrrrrrrrrrrrrr hehehehehehehhehehehe ah Peter peterrrrrr jhehehehehehee I'm Brian

  10. Sassy Tangerine

    Sassy Tangerine

    21 órája

    I don't get how family guy would be too inappropriate when they literally have the freaking terminator

  11. Slip’d



    What if it’s just like part of an episode

  12. brezat



    Imagine Stewey in fortnite lol

  13. XD_Ecksdee



    ZOMG I'm cryng nd shking rn, I catn blive petr fron family man is cming to frontnit!! 11!!

  14. Matt Bot

    Matt Bot


    Imagine you see something in the distance and its Peter cranking 90's saying your dog water while your getting clapped by Peter Griffin.

  15. [ axolnaut ]

    [ axolnaut ]


    are you insane do you need help

  16. Dan Ayala

    Dan Ayala


    My child hood is ruined 😢




    If they add family guy skins Ima come back to this game

  18. ToxicStorm



    "Bird is the word" emote or the "ssssst-Ahhhhhhh" emote😂

  19. Beastbryan



    I just wish Epic would stop using this season as an excuse to copy paste other things because they can't make anything original anymore. Jus saying. 🤷‍♂️

  20. Yousef Hassan

    Yousef Hassan


    It might not be a skin it might just be a party royale thing, maybe they can show a family guy episode or something

  21. WarriorChief YT

    WarriorChief YT


    Peter griffin argh meme intensifies

  22. Terror .G

    Terror .G


    Next they probably gonna add Simpsons, Doom Guy, Naruto, Goku, Crash Bandicoot and whatever more

  23. Rhino Playz

    Rhino Playz


    Hey Lois I'm killed batman

  24. Jay



    If peter comes to fortnite I will definitely come back

  25. Eli Big Broke

    Eli Big Broke

    2 napja

    bro my mans insane wit snipers can he pls do like just a regular gameplay vid

  26. Bruggers


    2 napja

    Fortnite has been pretty bad so if Family Guy comes out into Fortnite then I’ll be so happy I just love this

  27. SoapyJeans13909


    2 napja

    I don't think it would be to adult because John Wicks in Fortnite.

  28. duzza4779


    2 napja

    Dear epic/ Seth McFarland if you see this the choice is obvious make the collab happen you will make millions of this alone 💯

  29. Kevin


    2 napja

    Tabor Hill also leaked a "big fat chicken" skin a few months ago, however he says that it was just the original snowmando skin

  30. MicrowaveMan069


    2 napja

    Fortnite is now a game where Iron Man and the Mandalorian can drive in the same Lambo, Batman can do the Renegade while getting shot by Kratos with an AK-47, Ryu can do the Gangdam Style, Master Chief can crank 90s, get sniped and Rick-Rolled by John Wick, Deadpool can T-Pose, and Peter Griffin is coming to the game soon.

  31. MicrowaveMan069


    2 napja

    "This is better than the time I killed a girl wrestler for the win!"

  32. Manuel Manzalini

    Manuel Manzalini

    2 napja

    somebody knows in the comic of season 4 when thor hits jonesy with the mjonlir jonesy bleed a bit?

  33. Tom bear 1

    Tom bear 1

    2 napja

    For all fnaf or fortnite fans got a theroy maybe space bannans relates to fnaf because space could resemble Freddy in space and a banna is shape like a half moon and there's a moon in the new fnaf game security breach and moons are in space

  34. Tom bear 1

    Tom bear 1

    2 napja

    Peter Griffin barilly fights and Jon Jones is recruiting him? Makes no sense him fnaf makes sense Freddy hunts down the security guard

    • Tom bear 1

      Tom bear 1

      2 napja

      For me no but we will have to see

    • Stolas


      2 napja

      Have you seen peter? He comes highly recommended!

  35. Tom bear 1

    Tom bear 1

    2 napja

    No way family Guy is coming I agree with you

  36. Tw1sty_G4m1ng


    2 napja

    Does nobody realise the files where for the chin li backbling where it would be on the screen it’s not teasing anything it’s just a file for the backbling that won’t be used

  37. joe is cool

    joe is cool

    2 napja

    ok i might actually start playing the game again if they add peter griffin

  38. JVenom51


    2 napja

    So the new extra large skin in the files rn is Peter Griffin😳😳😳😳😳

  39. Adrian Hernandez

    Adrian Hernandez

    2 napja

    Imagine fortnite kids will now say OMG ITS PETER GRIFFIN FROM FORTNITE

  40. Nightmare


    2 napja

    Imagine Brian or Stewie as pets?????

  41. Braxton Gunn

    Braxton Gunn

    2 napja

    I want Meg in the game idc

  42. HealingIzaiah


    2 napja

    Imagine if next season we get tv show characters

  43. BooThang


    2 napja

    I hope not 😒

  44. SuperFireTurtle14


    2 napja

    Do you believe in God? And are you saved? If so go tell someone else and tell them to tell someone else if not then go read the Bible take Jesus as your saver. If you don't want to then well you don't have to..

  45. Daniel Olmedo

    Daniel Olmedo

    2 napja

    Why you body shaming and stop hating it’s awesome

  46. Rui Neto

    Rui Neto

    2 napja

    Just imagine this: - Outfit: Peter Griffin; - Backbling: Stewie (or Brian) - [reactive]; - Glider: Peter-copter; - Built-in emote: "POW! Right in the kisser!".

  47. Vyonn


    2 napja

    Imagine Peter fucking Griffin becomes a sweat-skin

  48. NotYouuu


    2 napja

    New emotes golden ticket ahhh and bird is the word

  49. Aaron Curran

    Aaron Curran

    2 napja

    Ive stopped playing the game ive gave up with it in general

  50. RogueRaven


    2 napja

    2:35 you're saying that with Deadpool in the game? 😐

    • idk


      2 napja

      and also john wick and kratos, and predator

  51. David Gutierrez

    David Gutierrez

    2 napja

    I feel like they wont add a family guy skin just cause most people know it as like an adult type of cartoon but I am still hoping a family guy skin comes out cause I still don't know what to waste my Vbucks on

  52. Ghost


    2 napja

    oh yeah, dont forget about fortnite gonna get a collab with fall guys cause dataminders dug out some fortnite related cosmedics in fall guys!

  53. Hxstyy


    2 napja

    If we get a quagmire skin I’m gonna fuckin flip 💀💀

  54. Rob Stephens

    Rob Stephens

    2 napja

    Peter has an emote when you punch Meg

  55. RafinhaMega


    2 napja

    Family guy isn't a different art style, it's a different dimension, that's why they can't get a collab. We would cap at a back bling and an emote, maybe a showing at party royale and maybe a music pack but let's be honest, who cares about those

  56. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin

    2 napja

    Hey Lois, There's a man with a suit at the door

  57. Oh Thatz DQ

    Oh Thatz DQ

    2 napja

    When I Seen Halo In The Game I Realized Anything Is Possible

  58. Kazi


    2 napja

    Short film thing

  59. Mr Boogey

    Mr Boogey

    2 napja

    Now we need simpsons

  60. Alize Hernandez Roach

    Alize Hernandez Roach

    2 napja

    I want this to be real

  61. Juicy On Motel WiFi

    Juicy On Motel WiFi

    2 napja

    if a brian skin ever comes out that’s my main.

  62. Markel Davis

    Markel Davis

    2 napja

    We should get a emote called bang bang bang Peter emote😂🤣

  63. Ratatouille Is The Best Movie

    Ratatouille Is The Best Movie

    2 napja

    Lois im in fortnite

  64. Blazer_newbanana


    2 napja


  65. Hyper


    2 napja

    “ holy crap Lois these kids are dogwater "

  66. Will M

    Will M

    2 napja

    Family guy would fit in fortnite because stewie has killed more people than there are players

  67. Bruh moment Ree

    Bruh moment Ree

    2 napja

    I mean Donald mustard said he was collaborating with characters from his childhood in the game

  68. Bruh moment Ree

    Bruh moment Ree

    2 napja

    I mean we have predoter so this is possible

  69. Toxic GrinXx

    Toxic GrinXx

    2 napja

    I still am sad that fnaf is not coming out

  70. Anthony M

    Anthony M

    2 napja

    It might be in short nite

  71. ツJustin


    2 napja

    i wish it was the simpsons😔



    2 napja

    He's hitting 1 million this year

  73. Austin Smith

    Austin Smith

    2 napja


  74. Squidward Tentacles

    Squidward Tentacles

    2 napja

    Idk some guy saying its peter then some other guy saying its thanos

  75. AnimeNerd 2757

    AnimeNerd 2757

    2 napja

    The game has just become a entire sell out.

  76. Taffy is trashy

    Taffy is trashy

    2 napja

    Peter skin, a bloody peter skin... That's extremely funny if true. I can't imagine a fully 3d skin, it should have a cell shading thing, sort of like Beastars.

  77. Superraymemer


    3 napja

    the music is at the end is a clue

  78. Fried Homie

    Fried Homie

    3 napja

    possibly it is the tv from the intro playing family guy on it as like a mini cross over and not a big skin, or maybe some tvs across the map will play family guy???

  79. ThomasPlayz


    3 napja

    Meg+Lois = probably sweaty Stewie = back bling Peter+Chris = meme skins

  80. Kalvelind


    3 napja

    How about joe? Will he finaly be able to walk?

  81. Mad Chicken

    Mad Chicken

    3 napja

    Then simpson should be here too

  82. BootzieCuppie


    3 napja

    Epic is doing so many 80's and 90's collabs, I wouldn't be surprised if Strawberry Shortcake and He-Man are the next collabs!!! 😂🤣

  83. GillahGoat


    3 napja

    This would be the best collab of all time

  84. MaKaVeLi IaMaLiVek

    MaKaVeLi IaMaLiVek

    3 napja

    Stop saying RE-U it's pronounced RY as in RYAN so it's RY-U !! RYU!!

  85. bleu eggos

    bleu eggos

    3 napja

    Can't wait for that item shop giggity giggity

  86. King Walrus

    King Walrus

    3 napja

    I never thought peter griffin would be the topic of discussion for fortnite

  87. Dan Schultz

    Dan Schultz

    3 napja

    You sound tired I Talk thanks for the content get some rest

  88. Arran Chauhan 8

    Arran Chauhan 8

    3 napja

    I can just imagine getting boxed like a fish by peter

  89. MVT Player Zero

    MVT Player Zero

    3 napja

    I wouldn't mind those scenes as emotes



    3 napja

    If peter skin comes out I'm done with FORTNITE....

  91. DOMINIC lazzs

    DOMINIC lazzs

    3 napja

    It probably won't be a skin something like a backbling or emote when disney collabed with fortnite it was just an emote form wrek it ralph

  92. TrashLettuce


    3 napja

    If a Peter skin comes out I will never need another skin.



    3 napja

    “Hey Lois, Im helping this guy named John stop people from escaping the loop, hehehehehe.”

  94. Minus Caliber

    Minus Caliber

    3 napja

    Why did I read the title as "Family Guy Flies Around in Fortnite"? 😂

  95. terraria249 boi

    terraria249 boi

    3 napja

    Family guy is 18+ so does that mean Fortnite will be an 18+?

    • terraria249 boi

      terraria249 boi

      2 napja

      @idk oh...

    • idk


      2 napja

      its actually tv-14

    • terraria249 boi

      terraria249 boi

      2 napja

      @Sir Peanut true but still

    • Sir Peanut

      Sir Peanut

      2 napja

      Deadpool and Predator are 18+ and Fortnite still isn't 18+

  96. Song Song

    Song Song

    3 napja

    “Fortnite is too family-friendly for Peter Griffin” Minecraft had a Nathan Drake and Conker skin. Super Mario Bros games had multiple sex jokes. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time literally had a song that contained lyrics talking about how God doesn’t exist. Don’t act like your childhood was ALL sunshine and rainbows

  97. YMI


    3 napja

    imagine Peter Griffin doing 90s in fortnite 😂😂😂

  98. Zebi The King

    Zebi The King

    3 napja

    He sounds like he's about to have a migraine 🤣😂

  99. YMI


    3 napja

    just imagine ... (Fortnite X emenem) that will be hilarious 😂

  100. adithya pai

    adithya pai

    3 napja

    ii hate family guy