NEW Valentines Day Event! 2 FREE Skin Cups! THE FLASH! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

New news today!
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  1. Adam Adam

    Adam Adam

    7 napja

    This is I talk SLURPEEE CUP

  2. lexs


    13 napja

    Zadie :(

  3. Mustard For Outcast

    Mustard For Outcast

    13 napja

    Does he not sound like arab

  4. Anastassiya Pace

    Anastassiya Pace

    14 napja

    Please bring back Empress 💜

  5. BodyBagBlue 420

    BodyBagBlue 420

    15 napja

    I want the fishy spray but epic is gay

  6. Bugcat Fan

    Bugcat Fan

    15 napja

    why the flash he's not a hunter?

  7. Rqftz1x


    15 napja

    Will zadie come out



    15 napja

    Hmm idk flash isn't really a "hunter" this just seems like a quick cash grab for DC since it's getting a full tournament

  9. Dr Juice

    Dr Juice

    15 napja


  10. Vicky Daily

    Vicky Daily

    15 napja

    barry allen

  11. Tomas Ancinec

    Tomas Ancinec

    15 napja

    hi i love the video

  12. RT rexZ

    RT rexZ

    15 napja

    You should do a evolution video of every single mythic in the game just a suggestion

  13. badrudin


    15 napja


  14. Huebird of Happiness #26

    Huebird of Happiness #26

    15 napja

    Day 37 of waiting for the Boundless set to return XXXVII

  15. Not ZakiFN YT

    Not ZakiFN YT

    16 napja

    I need travis Scott Broooo where is it

  16. ihaveanopiniongetoverit


    16 napja

    Literally the ONLY thing carrying this game rn is the cosmetics.

  17. Ethan Forte

    Ethan Forte

    16 napja

    F I S H S T I C K

  18. StarWars Koala

    StarWars Koala

    16 napja

    can we talk about how I can get a freakin date for myself let alone fishstick

  19. Titan Boss

    Titan Boss

    16 napja

    Yeah i liked it better when they where challenges and not a website that updates

  20. Benny Plush Adventures

    Benny Plush Adventures

    16 napja

    On switch cup I woke up at 4:00 am too and it didn’t work as well😭

  21. Master_Link0007


    16 napja

    what are these challenges oh there are none its a team battle I totally prefer this I totally have not been hating the team battles

  22. Voodoo Chippy

    Voodoo Chippy

    16 napja

    Niceeeeee more cups I can’t even play

  23. jelly bob

    jelly bob

    16 napja

    I hate community batlles

  24. Lumoz


    16 napja

    WHy is harley quin now slept on?

  25. Ryft


    16 napja

    Really hope we see the return of the "Metal Masq" set along with the valentines outfit like last year or.....the year before

  26. Gregor Just

    Gregor Just

    16 napja

    travis 2morrow?

  27. Timid_-


    16 napja

    The breathless blades look like kratos' blades of chaos 😳

  28. TriX_ Supr3m3

    TriX_ Supr3m3

    16 napja

    hi IT do u know when the other locker bundle will be back even though there was an issue with the glider

  29. Khaled Ahmed

    Khaled Ahmed

    16 napja

    when will laser blast emote and the skin will come back

  30. Stmlswww


    16 napja

    Hey I talk I was wondering if you can help me with a problem I have been having recently one of my friends parents died and he’s been taking his rage out on me and cursing at me on xbox live I have been nice enough not to report him but than I cursed back at him and he got me permanently banned and there’s no way for me to talk or to play with any of my friends now. I was trying to play In the lovely cup tmrw plz help me if you can I’m always here 😊

  31. Fighter Lm

    Fighter Lm

    16 napja


  32. Ace


    16 napja

    My boy Robert gonna be my duo😈

  33. Tr3xx


    16 napja

    What happens when you have a email to your account, but that email is some else’s and you also don’t know this person. Also it’s your Fortnite account. What do you do Fr...?

  34. KulieHunderscore


    16 napja

    I don’t like these team challenges... I found the last one really difficult to figure out

  35. Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer

    16 napja

    They should add Dashing Hawk as a skin in br.

  36. Helen Garner

    Helen Garner

    16 napja

    What's the audio in the intro can someone tell me plz

  37. Scotty Bee

    Scotty Bee

    16 napja

    About time ❤️

  38. Charlie Okane

    Charlie Okane

    16 napja

    I hate the community battles

    • rani kobrosly

      rani kobrosly

      16 napja

      Me too, even tho we won last one, I hate it it's not fair

  39. Solar Stuff

    Solar Stuff

    16 napja

    Bruh where the chinese new year

  40. Flutter Frisk17

    Flutter Frisk17

    16 napja

    For the lovely cup do you have to have a duo?

  41. JXY


    16 napja

    Will we get flash in item shop

  42. Wassi


    16 napja

    When did you start playing? 👍 : Season: 0 - 8 💬 : Season: 9 - 15 My videos are inspired by Ceeday’s and Fe4RLess‹

  43. Collette Prunty darragh CODE LlTTY

    Collette Prunty darragh CODE LlTTY

    16 napja

    In love you

  44. ديلان عمر

    ديلان عمر

    16 napja

    Item shop

  45. Schmeck88


    16 napja

    You think clash will come back with metal mask bundle ?

  46. yukioYT


    16 napja

    Love the flash more then the green arrow skin

  47. Shamika Hunter

    Shamika Hunter

    16 napja

    When the tournament does go live can someone add me plz Epic: MysteriousGirl_2

  48. Alpha!


    16 napja

    First, oh wait....

  49. Dylan


    16 napja

    That outro is lit, not gonna lie. Everyone who sees this, have a great year!

  50. Adam Ruskin

    Adam Ruskin

    16 napja

    they need to fix the dirext 11 and 12

  51. VoltXxShot2


    16 napja


  52. That one guy

    That one guy

    16 napja

    THE FLASH oh my goshshshshhshshshavs

  53. Chaseplayz910


    16 napja

    I love the memes when he says “hey HUeye what’s going on this is I talk”

  54. x Smalle

    x Smalle

    16 napja

    hey i talk is there any news on the travis skinn ???

  55. ADV A5tro

    ADV A5tro

    16 napja

    Wait Zadie is coming though right

  56. Just_Z


    16 napja

    Man's got the bully music in the back, I love it

  57. Stefanie Machado

    Stefanie Machado

    16 napja

    Sub to Italk he is great and pop in his creator code itf in the item shop

  58. Stefanie Machado

    Stefanie Machado

    16 napja

    Sub to Italy he is great and pop in his creator code itf in the fortnite item shop

  59. Cynthia Alvarez

    Cynthia Alvarez

    16 napja

    Please fortnite Release a Spider-Man homecomings skin please

  60. Challenge Lion

    Challenge Lion

    16 napja

    I really hate how they handle this. The challenge system was better and they assume that everyone has a friend to play with.

  61. Jamie Martin

    Jamie Martin

    16 napja

    Yeah I hate that we can’t just get those items through challenges

  62. Yooo Hey

    Yooo Hey

    16 napja

    Could you enable time stamps

  63. bunnymandab17 5

    bunnymandab17 5

    16 napja

    Imagine them putting juice and xxx and laroi in fortnite??!! Would be cool which would you get? I would get all...stay safe everyone😊

  64. L2_ Fade3

    L2_ Fade3

    16 napja

    pls make a video about travis scot

  65. SSB Chippyj

    SSB Chippyj

    16 napja

    I thought flash in the thumbnail was from the movie



    16 napja

    Love the video but god i hate these like team battle crap its so annoying and unfair restricting so many people from unlocking cool items in the game only because they are not great at fortnite or cant play often when these things happen

  67. IsLeaf69


    16 napja

    event on my birthday!! :’)

  68. Dekwan Bellamy-Horton

    Dekwan Bellamy-Horton

    16 napja

    Epic Games, went with season 4 suit for the Flash.

  69. Leafy


    16 napja

    Is the flash skin going to pop up in the items shop as well after the event

  70. Aries


    16 napja

    Hate all these fucking cups

  71. S-N-G-B


    16 napja

    Bruh, what about the kit guy on twitter for the intro?

  72. Landon Collins

    Landon Collins

    16 napja

    Will the flash skin be put in the item shop at a later date

  73. Lucas Holweger

    Lucas Holweger

    16 napja

    Is search and destroy coming back

  74. Cxrsed


    16 napja

    I can’t believe the flash is coming I watched every episode and season

  75. supernintendofan


    16 napja

    wtf are you talkin bout its sonic smh

  76. egïrł.kämį :3

    egïrł.kämį :3

    16 napja

    When you just got out of a breakup😭

  77. CT- 6348

    CT- 6348

    16 napja

    Hate that you need to be soo good to have a chance to win a skin

  78. Airclap_ Eazy

    Airclap_ Eazy

    16 napja

    Fishstick’s valentines is the princes fishstick,aka (Fishstick’s Valentine)

  79. Juan Saavedra

    Juan Saavedra

    16 napja

    Would be cool if they added zoom

  80. basicsyphilis8


    16 napja

    All I want is that white wrap 💥✌️

  81. V Shredder

    V Shredder

    16 napja

    When will the lovely tournament start

  82. Cool man

    Cool man

    16 napja

    I swear this Valentine’s Day event is going to be terrible also off topic does anyone feel like epic games been making Events like the Christmas and Halloween event dull like back in chapter one they made them fun to play but now their just harder to play and harder to collect. Also the team battles thing is absolutely stupid like we are literally betting are luck on are team in order to get them the free items and what happens if the teams are filled up like what do we do now. Huh sorry for my rant I just wanted to say this

  83. Kenny Kelch

    Kenny Kelch

    16 napja

    I really hope clash and zadie come back

  84. Chiko Oof

    Chiko Oof

    16 napja

    Here in todays video, we have a brand new video -ITF (I Talk Fortnite)

  85. xXCamila06Xx


    16 napja

    I clicked cuz it said Flash

  86. Steve Harrington

    Steve Harrington

    16 napja

    Last night me and my friends were talking about what skins that we want to see come in the game and I said flash so wired how the next day that flash gits announced

  87. Storm2k


    16 napja


  88. GhostLife


    16 napja

    what happened to the squating dog bundle i wanted some stuff in it

  89. Sunny FPS

    Sunny FPS

    16 napja

    I’m gonna try to get my crush to play the hearts wild cup

    • B F

      B F

      16 napja

      What time does is start at

  90. QuinTheNonBinary


    16 napja

    Oh it's a duo cup....Anyone wanna join me on NA-East

  91. Lonesxmeghosts


    16 napja

    Pizo x IT

  92. Quaver


    16 napja

    Love the background music choice from Bully

  93. Koyogami


    16 napja

    Recording 52 = DC comics new 52?

  94. Zayden Stephens

    Zayden Stephens

    16 napja

    I Talk: "I will leave a link in the pinned comment." Me: Does not see the comment Me: "My life is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable."

    • The Slayer

      The Slayer

      16 napja


  95. CodeNameCheese


    16 napja

    I believe it’s pronounced Lawyer

  96. I_Am_L


    16 napja

    I wonder if I talk likes the flash skin do you ping me if u do

  97. Ghost Angel183

    Ghost Angel183

    16 napja

    When will fishstick die out?

  98. icemanscott


    16 napja

    Next item shop dark bomber and bush ranger

  99. Dreamcleaver


    16 napja

    lol this event sucks.

  100. Marney Moose

    Marney Moose

    16 napja

    I’ve actually been binging the flash since the 29th and I’ve finished season 6 yesterday, but seeing the flash in fortnite is actually super cool!