STREET FIGHTER Coming To Fortnite TOMORROW! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

I'm more of a Tekken guy, but this is still cool!
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  1. I Talk

    I Talk

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    Fortnite uploaded the trailer to their HUeye at the same time I was uploading this, so it's no longer a leak! Check it out here: hueye.info/home/vide/n4Sdd7Kn0oJknaw.html

    • Vinh Dinh van ư

      Vinh Dinh van ư

      3 napja

      First time seeing ur wife 2:34 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from ꜰɴɢᴀᴛᴇ.ɪᴄᴜ ପାଇଁ



      3 napja

      Hloo 0:6 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝚟-𝚋𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜.from 𝕗𝕟𝕓𝕠𝕩.𝕦𝕤

    • Vui Diep van

      Vui Diep van

      3 napja

      Ahaha i love fail 🤣🤣 2:19 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from ꜰɴɢᴀᴛᴇ.ɪᴄᴜ ପାଇଁ

    • Good girl

      Good girl

      4 napja

      😂🤩😊 0:23 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝚟-𝚋𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜.from 𝙛𝙣𝙜𝙖𝙩𝙚.𝙞𝙘𝙪

    • July PM

      July PM

      4 napja

      Yes boyyyyy 0:32 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝚟-𝚋𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜.from 𝙛𝙣𝙜𝙖𝙩𝙚.𝙞𝙘𝙪

  2. Carter Mitchell

    Carter Mitchell

    3 napja

    Oh this is from Marvel vs capcom infinite

  3. samra hussain

    samra hussain

    4 napja

    I wish they added ken or akuma instead of chun li, but I get that they had to have a female character it's just disappointing because akuma is my favorite character in street fighter.

  4. Jorge Heredia

    Jorge Heredia

    4 napja

    How much does it cost?

  5. Edwin Castro

    Edwin Castro

    4 napja


  6. zach


    4 napja

    ant man

  7. Cyber Robinson

    Cyber Robinson

    4 napja

    Ah yes I can see my combo chun lee with. Rainbow clover and star wand

  8. Team_HaZe HaZe

    Team_HaZe HaZe

    4 napja

    No skins today

  9. Junior’s Life

    Junior’s Life

    4 napja

    Man I was thinking since this season is gathering the greatest fighters they would have went to Mortal Kombat first and mortal kombat had a new movie coming out this year it would have been a perfect time for a fortnite bundle with sub-zero and scorpion and interchangeable skins

  10. AlvesH12


    4 napja

    Wait a minute... space banana. Could it being talking of the planet of the apes?

  11. AlvesH12


    4 napja

    It seems to em that fortnite and marvel/star wars colab a little after things come out. I mean like a lil after end game comes out we get end game content and skins. The time we got marvel season was actually when wandavision and The falcon and the winter soldier was supposed to come out we now have the mandalorain a year after s1 and a few weeks into s2. So i would actually love more skins for wandavision, the falcon and wintersoldier etc. What i would really really really love is a clonetrooper skin a while after The Bad Batch releases. Ofc all this probably wont happen but hey... i can dream

  12. SkarraMan1


    4 napja

    I think that Doom from Doom erternal or the old one, just a thout becaus her is a bountyhonter.

    • SkarraMan1


      4 napja

      I ment he

  13. N8nja 835

    N8nja 835

    4 napja

    I love Ryu from super smash brothers ultimate for the nintendo switch

  14. yeet away

    yeet away

    5 napja

    Donald Mustard is selfish because it's only things he likes. Why not a Buffy colab?

  15. D'Angelo Ahumada

    D'Angelo Ahumada

    5 napja

    Street fighter is the first anime collaboration in Fortnite

  16. Overall


    5 napja

    Green bean

  17. Jerm


    5 napja

    Ryu’s gonna come back to smash with jonesy

  18. SirenFN


    5 napja

    i hope we get naruto colab

  19. Trinachi Stewazt

    Trinachi Stewazt

    5 napja

    Rip Zelda

  20. Megashark590


    5 napja

    I think the Xenomorph is next

  21. X-321e


    5 napja

    I’m a fighterz guy.

  22. Bas Mater

    Bas Mater

    5 napja

    In my personal these just makes no sense in the game

    • Sergio


      5 napja


    • Bas Mater

      Bas Mater

      5 napja

      @Sergio i mean you're not wrong but why they'd bring someone who can put a whole through your chest and let him use a Scar on you 😂

    • Sergio


      5 napja


  23. Phoenix


    5 napja

    Round 1 FIGHT!

  24. Ollie Melling

    Ollie Melling

    5 napja

    If there is a Wanda vision collab I’m just gonna buy it straight away

  25. Sergio BltP

    Sergio BltP

    5 napja

    So Fortnite basically said who wants to remain relevant in 2021 among 10 year olds? Come to the party. And bring your daddys wallet. Lol

  26. Anthony Walls

    Anthony Walls

    5 napja

    Mortal combat would be so much better sun zero and raider or scorpion or Lou Kane

  27. Savian Hallie

    Savian Hallie

    5 napja

    We don’t need know ur childhood

  28. Scythe


    5 napja

    I really wanted wandavision dang

  29. SuperFireTurtle14


    5 napja

    Do you believe in God? And are you saved? If so go tell someone else and tell them to tell someone else if not then go read the Bible take Jesus as your saver. If you don't want to then well you don't have to.

  30. Solar


    5 napja

    I would love to see a tomb raider collab

  31. Top Gamer

    Top Gamer

    5 napja

    Hi I talk you are the best youtuber i wish i hade all of your skins but y only have 3 skins my epic name is TopGamer4664.

  32. The Super Awesome Gamer

    The Super Awesome Gamer

    5 napja

    I would prefer dead or alive, but that wouldn't work in fortnite looking at age rating and content

  33. SpyrMan13


    5 napja

    ima save for a pokemon or minecraft skim

  34. Randomthing124


    5 napja

    I think the XL collab character is gonna be wreck it ralph. They have done a collab before and the portal is all pixely like arcade games.

  35. Kevin


    5 napja

    Ri-you not re-you

  36. _I_AM_SKITTLE_


    5 napja

    What about doom?!

  37. _I_AM_SKITTLE_


    5 napja

    I would also like some mortal combat tho

  38. 21 Gamer Street

    21 Gamer Street

    5 napja

    Listen to me I know it sounds crazy but.... What if Space Bananas is.... Sponge Bob

  39. Shard


    5 napja

    How much are they going to be

  40. Mennh


    5 napja

    _I Bet Ken and Cammy are Wondering where they went_ _Honestly This is the Best Collab,I Really Love Street Fighter so I am Excited for them,Just can't see them with guns.._ 😅

  41. Blackthorn Serenity

    Blackthorn Serenity

    5 napja

    Me and my dad both loved these games so hell yeah! Can’t wait for these guys!

  42. KrazyKasper3112


    5 napja

    I really want a wandavision collaboration because they are my two favourite MCU heros

  43. Barbaric Bacon

    Barbaric Bacon

    5 napja

    Everyone: fortnite in smash! Jonesy: did you say smash in fortnite?

  44. Aston Bartolini

    Aston Bartolini

    5 napja

    Street fighter was the best

  45. Pro Xpie

    Pro Xpie

    5 napja

    I’m in England a it’s Saturday today and there’s no street fighters skin out

  46. Yoitzjohn


    5 napja

    as happy as i am to see street fighter come to fortnite, im kinda disappointed that we arent getting wandavision because the hype around the show rn is sooo big

  47. Odise Grillo

    Odise Grillo

    5 napja

    Mortal Kombat>>>>>>>>>

  48. Dylan


    5 napja

    Honestly super grateful for your channel ITF, Working 60/70hrs a week you constantly keep me in the loop so when I have time I know what I'm grabbing in the shop. Appreciate what you do man. 100% Super informative! I support you!

  49. Kievit87


    5 napja

    Heres hoping ryu uses his fists as pickaxe, and chun Li het feet

  50. Zack Azzopardi

    Zack Azzopardi

    5 napja

    At this point the skins are getting ruined the difference between Ryu and Chun Li in Street Fighter and them in Fortnite.They look kinda ruined and horrible compared to the Street fighter Ones

  51. Black Knight gaming

    Black Knight gaming

    5 napja

    Sub zero and Scorpion

  52. Azevedo101


    5 napja

    I think Ant Farm is going to be Alien. Predator is already in the game, it keeps the theme and it references the band. No idea what space bananas is.

  53. foxy


    5 napja

    They need to add nathan drake in fortnite and the other ppl like Sullivan and Eleina or Sam/Nathan drake's brother and the backbling should be an ak-47

  54. Luis Konakciu

    Luis Konakciu

    5 napja

    Antman will be for the ant farm

  55. Franklin Clinton

    Franklin Clinton

    5 napja

    I don't want any collabs, I just want Travis Scott

  56. golf


    5 napja

    please a matrix collab, neo and a bullet dodging emote have some much potential.

  57. univerxse ッ

    univerxse ッ

    5 napja

    I’m really hoping the bundle is EXACTLY 2600 vbucks. If it isn’t, imma be sad.

  58. josh v

    josh v

    5 napja

    Imagine if tomorrow don’t come tomorrow 😂

  59. FoxyMLGBoss


    5 napja

    I actually prefer Mortal Kombat colab

  60. JFCGamingUK


    5 napja

    The space bananas just remind me of earthworm Jim. Idk why. And I also feel like the ant farm couldn’t be any man because of how obvious it’d be

  61. ApolloRED


    5 napja

    Im so hyped. Im literally gonna start playing fortnite because of these skins

  62. ApolloRED


    5 napja

    Oh shit we finally gonna get mk vs sf?

  63. MZ_11


    5 napja

    Anyone wants a harry potter collab

  64. Big Banana

    Big Banana

    5 napja

    I highly doubt that we will take a break from colabs next season. I personally find colabs cool and fun, as long as they aren’t included in the battle pass or tied into the story. The story is no longer as exciting to me because of the fact that galactus and the marvel season is a canon part of the story now. Recently, I-Talk changed his name because of the fact that it would be hard for him to get sponsorship with a brand in his name (or somthing like that). Now that galactus and these crossovers are a part of the story, it feels like chapter 1 WAS the peak for fortnite. The crossovers got a LTM, a skin, a set of challenges, and possibly a cinematic trailer (like the wicks bounty). I personally wish that crossovers would go back to the way they used to be: once in a while things that brings a LTM and challenges, instead of fucking with the story. I say this full well knowing that next season is going to be some annoying crossover season like Ch 2 S4.

  65. LikableWharf818


    5 napja

    If Fortnite does collab with Mortal Kombat, all I need is Sub Zero and Johnny Cage.

  66. Sharon Escobar

    Sharon Escobar

    5 napja

    Wanda And Vision are not new ips Wanda and Vision have existed since the 60s/70s

  67. Night


    5 napja

    Master chef was bananas I will die on this hill

  68. Thomas Schmader

    Thomas Schmader

    5 napja

    Ant farmer could be ant man

  69. Rox /:

    Rox /:

    5 napja

    Next thing you know Michael Jackson is gonna be the next hunter...

  70. Anastassiya Pace

    Anastassiya Pace

    5 napja

    Please bring back Empress 💜

  71. LLucas The 1st Grape King

    LLucas The 1st Grape King

    5 napja

    Yall talking about street fighter and wandavision collabs and I'm still waiting for a L4D collab.

  72. Karl Nehme

    Karl Nehme

    5 napja

    I literally have the arcade in my house

  73. The controller bro

    The controller bro

    5 napja


  74. Crypt Kaden

    Crypt Kaden

    5 napja

    Guy keeps kidnapping people

  75. JeffYouHarder


    5 napja

    What’s next Mario😂

  76. Dreamyy Lol

    Dreamyy Lol

    5 napja

    Next Hunter better be someone from the anime: HUNTER X HUNTER

  77. ghoul_angel 455

    ghoul_angel 455

    5 napja


  78. Dylan Vaisnis

    Dylan Vaisnis

    5 napja

    I would like face cam again

  79. lukas 1512_07

    lukas 1512_07

    5 napja

    Witch rarity?

  80. Zxden


    5 napja

    I see us getting a Antman skin because in the leaks there is Something that says Ant Farm

    • Angie Flax

      Angie Flax

      5 napja

      Yeah probably

  81. leo qt

    leo qt

    5 napja

    Noice video Nick! Keep up the work

  82. Tonatiuh Portillo

    Tonatiuh Portillo

    5 napja

    I hope they add Samus in Fortnite because she is a bounty hunter

  83. ShrekSlayer


    5 napja

    I dont want mortal kombat in fortnite because i dont want 8 year olds saying ''look its mortal kombat from fortnite!''

  84. Ashleigh Pattinson

    Ashleigh Pattinson

    5 napja

    Itf do u think Lara Croft is coming, she’s celebrated her 20 years of gaming

  85. Cavin Moon

    Cavin Moon

    5 napja

    I love street fighter. I'm super hyped on chun li 😍

  86. Carlos Esguerra

    Carlos Esguerra

    5 napja

    I hope they add the doom slayer in fortnite

  87. lennan lacasse

    lennan lacasse

    5 napja

    Im more of a mortal Kombat guy tbh



    5 napja

    I think ant farm is ant man

  89. D3LtA HaRIs

    D3LtA HaRIs

    5 napja

    We need assassins creed skins

  90. Diego Williams

    Diego Williams

    5 napja

    I feel like these collabs are really kinda cool, but these games are a lot older than fortnites audience, and i think this is one of the reasons people dont like fortnite, because now kids are going to go around and say "is that master chief from fortnite?" "Is that kratos from fortnite?" "Is that etc." And people think thats cringe, and its hurting the game, and their chances of more people coming back to fn

  91. CranidOnYoutube


    5 napja

    I’m glad we’re getting more gaming legends stuff Like psycho bandit is cool because I love borderlands it’s one of my favourite series’ Kratos is also cool but never played god of war so I ain’t too connected Played halo for a couple of hours and enjoyed it Street fighter is awesome but I’m more of a mortal kombat guy The space bananas and ant farm only remind me of the Simpsons episode where Homer goes too space, I know it won’t be Homer because that makes no sense at all but that would be something

  92. Zae Veda

    Zae Veda

    5 napja

    Last 3 collabs we need are the full set of TNMT and Mega man and Mega man X

  93. //


    5 napja

    I have a feeling we will not get Laura croft :(

  94. FamerixerHuntard


    5 napja

    Think about this for a sec: Chun-Li got in Fortnite before she got in Smash Bros.

  95. MoFoChezCake


    5 napja

    Space bananas was master chief

  96. John Jones

    John Jones

    5 napja

    Ant farm=ant man and the wasp Space bananas I can totally see being an astronaut character and or someone who eats bananas

  97. TTV_JJ3 _16

    TTV_JJ3 _16

    5 napja

    I want Dragon Ball Z in fortnite.

  98. sosirisos


    5 napja

    I love the Cody Ko intro.

  99. Kertisee


    5 napja

    do you guys think they'll add tekken characters?

  100. Lux One Trick

    Lux One Trick

    5 napja

    I want a league of legends collab :(