TRON Coming To Fortnite! Epic Responds To Backlash, Chinese New Years Skins (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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  1. Michele Dessi

    Michele Dessi


    As I said in others comments, think about people who can't spend anymore in the game and goes on with BP vbucks, I want collabs in the Pass

  2. Skip2MyLee _

    Skip2MyLee _

    11 napja

    I like how he refers to Tron as is it’s a single person 😂 keep up the amazing content though man!

  3. DEDSEC _17

    DEDSEC _17

    12 napja

    Funny how all players nowadays bitch about skins how about you go work at epic and see what you can come up with

  4. Bluesteel 360

    Bluesteel 360

    13 napja


  5. paladin


    13 napja

    I love how they say they care about players being able to access and get rewards in events without mentioning the event where you need to play with a friend who hasn't played in a month

  6. MiMi GlamZ

    MiMi GlamZ

    13 napja

    Aww..I Talk don’t call yourself an idiot for accidentally calling the Heart-Stopper skin Heartbreaker. 4:47 We know how knowledgeable you are with Fortnite cosmetics given your HUeye channel. As you said, you were tired. I feel like that statement was only written in regards to rude ppl who don’t believe in simple mistakes, & takes small issues from 0-100 over nothing.

  7. Fortnite item sh0p predictions

    Fortnite item sh0p predictions

    13 napja

    Hey I talk I just wanted to say if you make a locker bundle can you please add the fresh emote or the tidy emote because so many people want to get it but it’s never coming back because of copyright so I’d love it if you could ever do something like that :) anyway good luck and I hope you get a locker bundle

  8. rexo YT

    rexo YT

    13 napja

    I feel like this guy is apart of epic games

  9. Domonique Winston

    Domonique Winston

    14 napja

    waiting For "I Talk" to hit 1 mill subscribers

  10. Akcharan Piratheepan

    Akcharan Piratheepan

    14 napja

    can i have a add my name is akcharan-ninja

  11. Dan Guzek

    Dan Guzek

    14 napja

    Great content. I love your videos! You should get Maiar and add your herotag to your video description so that viewers can send you money.

  12. Salty


    14 napja

    Your not putting your music in the video anymore :(

  13. Anastassiya Pace

    Anastassiya Pace

    14 napja

    Please bring back Empress 💜



    14 napja

    who else is mad that travis didn't come back. Cause I sure am

  15. Christian J YT

    Christian J YT

    14 napja

    This game just can't stop releasing crossovers huh? This game isn't even it's own anymore 💀

  16. Alexander Westhuis

    Alexander Westhuis

    14 napja

    gan is finaly back, and dragon glider. plus an emote that's been in the files for almost a year. saved up the vbucks just for this shop, it's spend'n time !

  17. Shaurya Kale

    Shaurya Kale

    14 napja

    do we have to do 1 challenge or all of them

  18. Leorio Paladiknight

    Leorio Paladiknight

    14 napja

    Well we didn’t didn’t get the poke set (poki?) and I know why, it’s because those are 100% based off of Japanese aesthetics rather then Chinese ones. Both are cool imo maybe Chinese > Japanese idk

  19. Kiwi Pants

    Kiwi Pants

    14 napja

    Fortnite sucks now

  20. archie tulloch

    archie tulloch

    14 napja

    bro we got so much for chinese new year

  21. Lindsay Jester

    Lindsay Jester

    14 napja

    tron was my child hood

  22. Blu ψ

    Blu ψ

    14 napja

    Sypherpk gonna be next Locker bundle probably if it’s a dragon glider

  23. Queen_ Nicole

    Queen_ Nicole

    14 napja

    I don’t like the team thing cuz I have no friends :)

  24. Lyrichal


    14 napja

    Personally I’m all for collaborations. They brought me back to the game after taking a break from season X.

  25. frontburnerxxx


    14 napja

    ITF whines about MARVEL season ... new battle pass not a promotional tie in but FORTNITE puts crossover skins in the shop . ITF whines about it . ITF buys everything in the shop then cries and whines about what’s in the shop . Here’s an idea dopey . If you don’t like something don’t buy it . If you buy it willingly ( along with everything else ) then complain about it you sound like a spoiled brat . Most kids would love to have the multitude of skins in these crossover event shops but can’t afford it . So maybe shut up . And just be grateful for what you have . OR DONT BUY THE SKINS!

  26. PrincipalBlock2


    14 napja

    How are the characters of Tron hunter related tho??

  27. christian quiroli

    christian quiroli

    14 napja

    Well...... The Chinese New year skin came out lol

  28. Eshke


    14 napja

    When fortnite goes down they just want to be known to have the "biggest collabs in gaming history" is what my opinion is I can just tell

  29. Nednal


    14 napja

    He was wrong 😂

  30. Swt Blazing

    Swt Blazing

    14 napja

    Item shop

  31. Leviticus


    14 napja

    This aged well lol

  32. TheJeffer27


    14 napja

    Item shop??

    • C456K TV

      C456K TV

      14 napja

      Ye ino :(

  33. Clay Powers

    Clay Powers

    14 napja

    where is zadie and candy man?

  34. cryptic


    14 napja

    Royal dragon

  35. TheMasterChonk


    14 napja

    Can fortnite go a week without a collab?

    • TheSpooderman


      13 napja

      @TheMasterChonk id cop. My kills would go up by 6 mil 😈😈😈😈

    • TheMasterChonk


      14 napja

      @TheSpooderman aight then, I'll wait for the hitler skin

    • TheSpooderman


      14 napja

      Its a good thing

  36. Flake


    14 napja

    Waiting for item shop vid 😃

    • Lisa Lukens

      Lisa Lukens

      14 napja


  37. why


    14 napja

    I loved tron when i was little

  38. JalaxyStar


    14 napja

    Royal dragon

  39. paul kay

    paul kay

    14 napja

    Royale dragon upload

  40. Wonder


    14 napja

    Royal dragon

  41. Jesus The whis gamer

    Jesus The whis gamer

    14 napja

    Notification squad

  42. eli knowles

    eli knowles

    14 napja

    Anybody else waiting on the item shop upload?

  43. BZ Ty

    BZ Ty

    14 napja

    We just got Chinese New Year stuff in the shop

  44. Anime TV

    Anime TV

    14 napja


  45. UC •G3N3RIC•

    UC •G3N3RIC•

    14 napja

    Yo royal dragon here

  46. Travsnax


    14 napja

    I really want solid snake from metal gear solid to join fortnite

  47. 10k subscribers with two videos

    10k subscribers with two videos

    14 napja

    We actually do have a Chinese New Year skin it’s swift

    • Anime TV

      Anime TV

      14 napja

      We have a lot of them actually

  48. King ryan

    King ryan

    14 napja

    I don't want every item to be in fortnite hopefully some studios wont let an epic thing become a collab

  49. Angelo Zone

    Angelo Zone

    14 napja

    Im sad that travis scott is coming back because it's the one skin that was popular and was sorta rare

  50. E p i c

    E p i c

    14 napja

    I watched tron uprising and tron legacy about a month ago and was really interested in a tron collab and it comes out not too long after! I'm honestly really happy with this, I hope they make good skins for this collab.

  51. J


    14 napja


  52. J


    14 napja

    I cant waitttt

  53. J


    14 napja

    Trooonn il love ittt

  54. JRI12 JR

    JRI12 JR

    14 napja

    UO c2s4 was the best season we ever had

  55. Alyssa Angel

    Alyssa Angel

    14 napja

    we need travis scott and all the chinese new years skins that were already released in china

  56. I Respect You

    I Respect You

    14 napja

    Lmao the Gan skin and all those other skins were added to the API for the New Year, tf you on about? Is ITalk high?

  57. Dustin Dodson

    Dustin Dodson

    14 napja

    It's MAKES IT a surprise THAT is how it should n supposed 2 BE!!!

  58. Dustin Dodson

    Dustin Dodson

    14 napja

    This is America who cares

  59. Dustin Dodson

    Dustin Dodson

    14 napja

    Trials was AWESOME n I got the spray also I got SPHYPHER to 8th PLACE n u COULDN'T even pick HALF the team's if u wasn't the 1ST people 2 PICK

  60. Dustin Dodson

    Dustin Dodson

    14 napja


  61. ShadowAnt007


    14 napja

    Nooo I had smoke dragon

  62. DumDumDeathstar


    14 napja

    What's that masked skin that looks similar to drift

  63. Peaceful


    14 napja

    Literally every youtuber has a wholesome and kind community except for I Talk His own fans are dancing on him when they kill him

  64. legosoccer123


    14 napja

    "...the flow, the crow, you know." *I see what you did there :)*

  65. Ibsar08


    14 napja

    Ok look idk what Tron is but it looks Sick

  66. TheMasterGlaceon


    14 napja

    Can someone be my partner for the flash cup I literally have no one to play with

  67. UnkownDreamZzz_


    14 napja

    Nobody is realizing the people throwing the slurp

  68. Eric Huff

    Eric Huff

    14 napja

    I don't want collabs to end till we get a dragon ball collab once their is a goku skin i don't care about any other collab

  69. JonHollow


    14 napja

    It'll also be pretty pricey to put Flash, Tron, new Chinese new year and Valentine skins all in one weekend for anyone set on getting everything

  70. slimeplayz


    14 napja

    Honestly a good way to get us teens and adults who grew up watch the 2010 reboot and original tron movies into fortnite then again the collabs gotta slow down a notch

  71. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman

    14 napja

    Can you stop talking about skins for your secondary videos? It's the same thing day after day almost

  72. Kyle GMaster

    Kyle GMaster

    14 napja

    "I'm just going with the flow, the crow, you know" hah

  73. Bruh Gaming

    Bruh Gaming

    14 napja

    0:08 every 60 seconds in Africa a minutes passes

  74. Micah Fishel

    Micah Fishel

    14 napja

    Anyone know how to get into the team battles thing??

  75. Noah J

    Noah J

    14 napja

    Wtf r u wearing bot

  76. CJ Janitschke

    CJ Janitschke

    14 napja

    I think that the collab are fine since they aren’t just from one franchise and there from multiple and also characters you would NEVER see in the same game, aka Kratos and Master Chief

  77. Xantium


    14 napja

    I hope tron has a toy frizbee

  78. chaelliam atlas

    chaelliam atlas

    14 napja

    im hyped and all but i wish they added a built in emote for the male version skin of Lexa cuz i find it kind of unfair and weird for that skin to not have a built in emote

  79. Night Shroud

    Night Shroud

    14 napja

    No one really gives a fuck about Chinese New Years so what’s the big deal. Most people probably haven’t really even though about it let alone care. So what’s the big deal. Also why u hating on The Flash skin/set. In the Cw’s final crossover Flash was the paragon of love. So it kind of goes together.

    • kacper05


      14 napja

      Chinese new year has some of the coolest skins lol. And the two upcoming ones are also great.

  80. Lucky midlocksen

    Lucky midlocksen

    14 napja

    We like fortnite ✊😤

  81. Chilly


    14 napja

    Crimson scout needs his hat from STW

  82. XBajanX


    14 napja

    No one cares about the Chinese new year skins dude. I’ve never heard anybody cry about the Chinese New Year skins till now. I’m not hating but calm down my guy. And who cares if they’re doing collaborations. You guys do realize the collaborations isn’t all FN fault, it’s the people wanting their creations in FN it’s a 50-50 thing. No one blames the other parties they just want to blame Fortnite. Kinda dumb

  83. Gamma 2.0

    Gamma 2.0

    14 napja

    Splatfest at home

  84. HeyitsmeUzi


    14 napja

    We want Royale Dragon 🐉

  85. HeyitsmeUzi


    14 napja

    Wait I don't get it why are they teasing the next Tron we have Flash already

  86. Asa Weekly

    Asa Weekly

    14 napja

    I hate China

  87. Flamez


    14 napja

    Am glad that there doing this so it can be a surprise

  88. Zelo


    14 napja

    I kinda want more hunters that are actually hunters like terminator and stuff

  89. Jaclyn McIlvene

    Jaclyn McIlvene

    14 napja

    What back bling are you wearing I talk fortnight

  90. JustMeditate


    14 napja

    Will travis return tonight ??

  91. Resident


    14 napja

    Does anyone know what time the hearts wild thing starts?

  92. Gage the gamer

    Gage the gamer

    14 napja

    Remember when toys and blue/rare loading screens that were animated used to be a thing

  93. frontburnerxxx


    14 napja

    What’s up with ITF and his hang up about Chinese New Year ? If you’re not in China who cares ? Does I talk Fortnite love communist China ? We are getting new skins . Relax . Will they be Communist China skins ? Maybe not . Stop the crying. You sound stupid.

    • frontburnerxxx


      14 napja

      And I bet weget to listen to spoiled ITF buy the dragon glider he’s been crying about even though he owns everything else already. He will make his voice super high like a 6th grade boy and say things like “ ok “ and “ alright “ like a million times .

  94. PoppyPerfect


    14 napja

    I do find it unfair, but if this were never happen, we could just... all be on the same team and all get the rewards lol

  95. X lucid

    X lucid

    14 napja

    I understand there is a lot of collabs but I cant turn my back on tron

  96. Ezio Auditore

    Ezio Auditore

    14 napja

    is there going to be a tomb raider collab too

  97. Lego brick force

    Lego brick force

    14 napja

    Is travis coming back?

  98. Bob Gill

    Bob Gill

    14 napja

    Season 6 will be called fortnite ad-venture

  99. Skyeboy 244

    Skyeboy 244

    14 napja

    Travis Scot tonight guys!

  100. ASDA


    14 napja

    No I need Chinese New Year my dream items are in it plzzzzzzz epic I’m gonna quit if I don’t get tigress and jade racer 😩😩😩😭😭😭😭🤚🤚🤚