Unique Skins Aren't Appreciated... Or Are They? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Its okay, you do you.
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  1. Doomer Tunes

    Doomer Tunes

    22 órája

    I'm waiting for Hothouse to come back to the item shop. I feel like it'll come back at some point, and if it doesn't, then that would really suck.

  2. Jango880


    4 napja

    I usually wear raptor, but from time to time I change it up.

  3. Mr Junko

    Mr Junko

    4 napja

    My favorite skin is the triage trooper Dont know if you care just thought i say that

  4. Real Human Not A Horse

    Real Human Not A Horse

    5 napja

    I need a full range of i talk emojis



    6 napja

    Beast mode is overhated change my mind

  6. JVG TV

    JVG TV

    6 napja

    I just love Emotes :) Also i want Chance skin comes back (almost year of waiting)

  7. Star boi

    Star boi

    6 napja

    My main skin is slumber and I have never seen another person ever use it

  8. ㄩ乙丨 ㄩ几丨ᐯ乇尺丂乇

    ㄩ乙丨 ㄩ几丨ᐯ乇尺丂乇

    6 napja

    To me, idc what they want they, to me idc wear what y’all want. 😝😋



    6 napja

    Personally, I always liked the unique outfits more than the outfits you see almost everywhere everyday.

  10. Babi Legend

    Babi Legend

    6 napja

    Black Widow outfit is unique, hope it comes back soon.

  11. controlla wolf

    controlla wolf

    7 napja

    4:13 Let's not talk about the missed snipe😶

  12. ali nafisi

    ali nafisi

    7 napja

    I think skins in fortnite is the most important things because they are main content of the game! A whole seasons called bad because skins of that season were bad..

  13. the hawk

    the hawk

    7 napja

    I rock the plague skin and the green powerchord guitar and green arrows pickaxe

  14. Sudais Salem

    Sudais Salem

    8 napja

    I like buccaneer tbh skins like that I’d say same with heartbreaker and the Valentine skins are sick fam lit Edit: I don’t know why I commented 😂

  15. CrustyCrayfish


    8 napja

    I don't usually run female skins because they are usually a reskin of the same skin. I like unique, sometimes bulky, detailed skins. Like, venom, menace (fully armoured) catalyst, or even the scientist. The skin I'm looking for is something that looks like it had a lot of time put into it, skins like Riley are just so boring

  16. Justice Keller

    Justice Keller

    8 napja

    Comment what you main in Fortnite, you can do a skin, back bling, glider, ect. Even your entire setup. Mine is Sgt. Green Clover, the pineapple ukulele (I forgot the name), the holiday hook, the palm leaf glider, and the pineapple wrap.

  17. Aliyah ツ

    Aliyah ツ

    8 napja

    Can you do a locker tour? :)

  18. The Only Emoticon ‘-‘

    The Only Emoticon ‘-‘

    8 napja

    “You can name yourself Lazarbeam fan” NRG Ronaldo *Clixfan69420 banned*

  19. Brett 00

    Brett 00

    9 napja

    Your so bad at the game

  20. Crypt Kaden

    Crypt Kaden

    9 napja

    I want Travis

  21. MrScooba


    9 napja

    This video speaks all of the facts in the book. I main the "Cole" skin because 1# I'm Asian. 2# I have never seen anyone wear the skin, so it feels like a skin that I can be known as.

  22. Jayotic


    9 napja

    Am I the only person that doesnt need a sweat skin to be good?

  23. Infernal Hippo 27

    Infernal Hippo 27

    9 napja

    My main is doggo I think I run and buy more unique items 😆

  24. Ferdie1027 Aka CuisCopper and Blue Gumball

    Ferdie1027 Aka CuisCopper and Blue Gumball

    9 napja

    I have my own unique ways, I usually main both the Scientist and The Dream skin, and I play with them both often. I am not one of those kids that make their usernames based of other people, my username on fortnite is CuisCopper, not someone like Lazarbeamfan or etc.

  25. Jack Dams

    Jack Dams

    9 napja

    Aren’t all skins unique and you say you don’t like sweat skins when you are wearing Mongraals main skin rn and Vadeals

  26. Jack Dams

    Jack Dams

    9 napja

    “You can call yourself lazar beam fan or something like that” Ronaldo calls himself Clixfan and gets banned in budy

  27. Jack Dams

    Jack Dams

    9 napja

    What our favourite content creators use friends like and they like what about comp players you can say you don’t like sweat skins as much as you like but comp players skin sell that’s why they are always in the shop this is a smart business move no one buys candy man but people like Travis from Vadeal and Mongraal and other good pros wearing them

  28. legosoccer123


    9 napja

    Thats why I random my skin

  29. YoDraco


    9 napja

    I have the synth skin! Look at my pfp

  30. Asianpotato77


    9 napja

    we all talking about the skins but nobody talk about that clutch at 2:28

  31. john doe

    john doe

    9 napja

    Was curious if you had a locker bundle what you would pick.

  32. BLTZ Austin

    BLTZ Austin

    9 napja

    Lexa and Orin are pretty unique

  33. i could be noir

    i could be noir

    9 napja

    i center like my whole fortnite personality around the Noir skin !

  34. Kaiz


    9 napja

    It just triggers me cause of how toxic people are nowadays

  35. SleepZzz gaming

    SleepZzz gaming

    9 napja

    Kitbash just hit me right in the hart because I still want him in my locker! o7

  36. Cryptic Glyph

    Cryptic Glyph

    9 napja

    what is that skin in the football

  37. Kievit87


    9 napja

    I got gifted dynamo... I feel dirty and want it gone

  38. Quinn Bishop

    Quinn Bishop

    9 napja

    Lol I have hyperion

  39. Daniel The gamer

    Daniel The gamer

    9 napja

    I love unique skins and don't care about advantages/disadvantages My main skin is dj bop

  40. Santinal 2523

    Santinal 2523

    9 napja

    4:15 bruh

  41. Mariam Gamer Girl

    Mariam Gamer Girl

    9 napja

    Say by experience when you use unique skins in the pit and creative people become morr tryhard saying by experience

  42. Tdawg


    9 napja

    if I ever get into the FNCS you can see my running the yee-haw or giddy-up skin

  43. Blu ψ

    Blu ψ

    9 napja

    I love unique skins that’s all I buy now I don’t buy skins on what others like

  44. CT- 6348

    CT- 6348

    9 napja

    I want full omega :(

  45. Laureano Hernandez

    Laureano Hernandez

    9 napja

    Why people don't like sweat skins Because they trash no hate.

  46. DatMemeboi


    9 napja

    I totally agree with you I talk like if you go in a match you will only see some sweaty skins I want to test this in my own self I saw a loving people using unique skins and some of the people are bots like actual AI yeah that sucks

  47. Mikipro


    9 napja

    Do you have renegade raider

  48. Fuel418


    10 napja

    I am a person that loves cosmetics in all games if a game doesnt have customisation i dont like it. I started playing cuz of the cosmetics i love the creative skins like the ghost busters skins and axo etc. i dont get people that just wear skins cuz of their fav youtuber running it idk its weird.

  49. X3 Ghoulz

    X3 Ghoulz

    10 napja

    My man just had to wear Travis Scott in the video😭

  50. JT Cards 28

    JT Cards 28

    10 napja

    4:16 Controlla Playa that is a controlla player!

  51. Wilde


    10 napja

    Am I the only one who thinks starlie should get more attention? I get it’s basically as reskin but I feel like the concept of it was pretty nice for fortnite, and imo some of the colors are pretty unique.

  52. MISCS


    10 napja

    Funny thing kids that run the new football skin they cant even name one player from the team and dont watch football 😅😅😅

  53. MM Gaming

    MM Gaming

    10 napja

    I’ve played Fortnite since season 1 I’ve gotten most battlepasses and around 6 skins from the item shop. I definitely do appreciate unique skins much more it’s just that skins in Fortnite are incredibly expensive when compared with other games. And as much as I would love to get all of these unique skins, justifying purchasing them is not always easy. I defiantly prefer unique skins to sweat skins it’s just that not everyone can afford unique skins.

  54. Dandy the booty slave

    Dandy the booty slave

    10 napja

    Synth is my favourite skin! He is so underrated!

  55. Xylohic


    10 napja

    sorry sorry but, we not going to talk about how he missed that snipe 4:14

  56. C. Br

    C. Br

    10 napja

    Onpopulair opinion : the new monthly sub should be brilliant bomber

  57. Ducc Himself

    Ducc Himself

    10 napja

    5:06 Glad to see sweats wanna keep growing their egos like Mongraal lmfao

  58. Kriken


    10 napja

    Before I even start watching video, sweats destroyed people's brain, because if you remember, back in season 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 People used to buy skins that have much details on them, then in season 8 arena mode came to game, and it was over for it, people just started using female skins for sweat and skins that are skinny... Sweats are the reason why fortnite is like this, Epic Games is not the reason...

  59. Rodrigo Acosta

    Rodrigo Acosta

    10 napja

    I just thought that you forgot about the pole because I used to always give my opinion

  60. skully 11

    skully 11

    10 napja

    My main skin is zorgotron and no one uses it but me and my mate

  61. ADV. GOMEZ


    10 napja

    you do you if you buy things buy it don't let anyone get to you

  62. Sahil Karki

    Sahil Karki

    10 napja

    4:13 that aim doe

  63. Sleepy Cakebox

    Sleepy Cakebox

    10 napja

    One thing I've been constantly worrying about unique skins is that we might not get as much as we have got before. It's simply because these generic crop top female skins sell better than actual creative skins which I'm totally okay with it. But idk if there will be one day where they just completely stop making creative skins and just... go all out and make the same female skins again and again. It's always the quantity issue that Epic seems to always have: They add new thing, keep doing the exact same thing without changing anything. They become less special anymore and I really hope they are aware of that. Anyways, unique skins are still appreciated, even though they are not as popular as the other popular female skins like manic, siren, etc.

  64. Syz1gy


    10 napja

    I only have 2 skins that are considered "sweaty" the rest are irregular ones that I love and I'm sticking with those skins

  65. Galaxy Pals

    Galaxy Pals

    10 napja

    I really like the ex skin because it’s not a sweat skin and it’s unqiqe

  66. Scotty Bee

    Scotty Bee

    10 napja

    good question

  67. Lorraine Hicks

    Lorraine Hicks

    10 napja

    Lol am I the only one running round as chomp sr

  68. Dan Time

    Dan Time

    10 napja

    There’s no shame in wearing a sweat but com on make a name for you’re self mine is fusion but there’s no shame in loving and wearing a sweat skin but still don’t buy a skin cus o may fav youtuber likes it if u like it buy it if you’re buying it cus of someone else no shame but I don’t recommend it tho I love sweat I have 1 or 2 sweat because I like them but moral of the story just buy skins u like and will wear k peace.

  69. Tim Wheldon

    Tim Wheldon

    10 napja

    I have the instinct and its my rarest skin!

  70. Allan Persad

    Allan Persad

    10 napja

    I bought star wand when it first came out because of its style. It reminded me of the heart wand from sailor moon. It not that people don’t appreciate unique skins, it’s that epic needs to be making more cost friendly skins look more unique. Recon and instinct are not unique because their rare. Those are both still considered sweat skins. Just the community hasn’t got the chance to buy them as yet because of the limited item shops they have been feature in

  71. Allan Persad

    Allan Persad

    10 napja

    No that not it, unique skins are unnecessary, expensive and bulky. Sometime a unique skin, might be over detailed. Kyra, star wand, aura, red jade, manic, driver pickaxe, are all cheap common and rare items that are cost friendly. Regular people will not buy something that they don’t like. The most used items are likeable because of their design and cost.

  72. Midas


    10 napja

    My skin is Raven

  73. Allan Persad

    Allan Persad

    10 napja

    I want a heart wand pickaxe Moon wand pickaxe Sun wand puckaxe And a customizable wand Potential wands

  74. Yoshi


    10 napja

    In the item shop there should be a feature where you can test out / try any cosmetic like wraps skins and pickaxes just for that game though but it is limited like maybe 3 a season called tryout tickets

  75. MXL_zuko


    10 napja

    5:20 can we talk about how much nicks improved recently

  76. ctr little t

    ctr little t

    10 napja

    i'm a sweat but i use unique and sweat skins

  77. Mr Diamond 907

    Mr Diamond 907

    10 napja

    okay, so hear me out, bunnywolf

  78. Dummy McDum 420

    Dummy McDum 420

    10 napja

    I like bushranger.

  79. Hudson Croll

    Hudson Croll

    10 napja

    I'm loosing sleep because of Travis Scott is not coming out😧

  80. samran abdullah

    samran abdullah

    10 napja

    Finally he said I talk Fortnite 🤩

  81. Raka Raditya Maulana

    Raka Raditya Maulana

    10 napja

    I love this video it shows how sweat skins are annoying

  82. TropicalTrapFire 03

    TropicalTrapFire 03

    10 napja

    YES I TALK!! If people want recognition, then they should be who THEY are. They shouldn't copy streamers or famous people because that alone clouds their talent. Yeah, someone may like a sweat skin because a streamer uses it, but if you want to be noticed, wear a skin that defines you and makes you feel lifted.

  83. Ghost


    10 napja

    f in the chat for the inaccuracy of the heavy AR

  84. RasSize


    10 napja

    U buy every skin but you aren't good at the game

  85. Ryandude5678


    10 napja

    The unique skins we get, as well as the unique combos people main (especially on Twitter/Reddit), are one of the reasons I truly love this game. I love the unique combo ideas people have, I love seeing people run the lesser-seen skins, and I just love it when I see people asking for a unique skin to come back, or I see people talking about an underrated, unique skin. I personally main Ether, a skin you quite literally never see ran outside of a few people on Twitter praising it. I love feeling unique with my combos. I despise using combos that everyone and their mother uses. Like, as much as I like skins such as Aura, the superheroes, and heck, even Dynamo to an extent, I'll never run them because the community either ruined the skin for me with the reputation they have, or they're just seen too much to the point where I feel basic when wearing them. Overall, do I think unique skins aren't appreciated? No, I think unique skins definitely have a community to this day, and I think the unique skins are actually MORE appreciated than the ones you see left, right and centre. But do I think they're appreciated ENOUGH? Definitely not. Way too many people rock the basic sweaty items just because either a streamer runs them, or they feel like they have to fit in. People need to get out of that mindset and try out unique items and combos. Don't just copy the streamers or blend into the crowd, it's not fun. I get the simplistic, sweaty combos if you're competitive and you want to not stick out, but if you're in pubs? Come on, you're not winning anything outside of a few statistics on your stats tab. Spice things up a bit! Get creative!



    10 napja

    I always use my fav skins which are mainly marvel and dc stuff (cuz I love superheroes) but I ran omega stage 4 for like a really long time cuz I didn’t get the lights and it was my fav skin until marvel and dc skins came out but like my love of heroes is part of my identity so I will always rock them. But when I’m not running them I just use mainly collab skins or battle pass skins which I’m not ashamed of but yeah that all I have to say about that

  87. Michael Porter

    Michael Porter

    10 napja

    Imagine wearing travis Scott with wings 😬 each to there own though?

    • Erockbar


      10 napja

      Well one of travis Scott's lines is look mom I can fly so it makes perfect sense.

  88. Angel Alvarez

    Angel Alvarez

    10 napja

    I feel like I'm the only person that runs bushranger and the pajama skin because I never see someone with them. (Also I'm the the type of person who likes mothmando)

    • Game Sorcery

      Game Sorcery

      9 napja

      Bushranger and the pajama skins are some of the best values IMO. Four styles for the pajama skins and four (so far) for Bushranger. I use the pajama skins all year long in spite of the Christmas hat.

  89. exolene on IG

    exolene on IG

    10 napja

    Little timmys running with siren and star wand just talking shit,ohhhh I seen that before

  90. Childofflxrriaj


    10 napja


  91. Mr Goose

    Mr Goose

    10 napja

    I think everyone forgot about Clash skin lol

    • Darren Plays Games - Fortnite Concepts and more!

      Darren Plays Games - Fortnite Concepts and more!

      10 napja

      what the hell is that- lmao

  92. vCozmic


    10 napja

    Not only that but it’s always kinda been a “thing” where guys use female characters in video games so I feel that’s also a role that plays with everyone using female skins

  93. gager 061

    gager 061

    10 napja

    i love meowscles

  94. SEN Ninja

    SEN Ninja

    10 napja

    Where is the podcast

  95. Jonah Leavengood

    Jonah Leavengood

    10 napja

    I talk: it doesn’t matter what skins are coming out or leaked Me: you talk about leaks for your job

  96. Blixer Playz

    Blixer Playz

    10 napja

    Im prolly the only one who uses Splode, merman, Kitbash and crazy looking skins or just plain weird

  97. PhilledZone


    10 napja

    I'm happy that Axo is my current main. I think he's pretty creative. Axo my boi :)

  98. Mihai Radoi

    Mihai Radoi

    10 napja

    benjifishy locker return date

  99. Unified legion

    Unified legion

    10 napja

    Me here with my main demogorgon

  100. Dark_Ninja


    10 napja

    Want to see something cool while watching a youtube video type awesome in your keyboard and the play bar should turn rainbow