What Are People Wanting To Come Back In Fortnite? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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  1. I Talk

    I Talk

    15 napja

    This video was made on February 4th, 2021.

    • Noah Alhadrab

      Noah Alhadrab

      15 napja

      that was my birthday

    • Chris Raven

      Chris Raven

      15 napja

      When will funk ops come back?

    • Reek 216

      Reek 216

      15 napja

      Cuddle King is pretty DOPE. Been running him with the hood down edit, Snuggle Swiper, Cuddle Cruiser, Boom Drop, & the Valentine wrap.

    • TheOfficial Z-b-n

      TheOfficial Z-b-n

      15 napja

      please travis scott

    • Fire HubYT

      Fire HubYT

      15 napja

      I understand how recording is.

  2. Mason Breashears

    Mason Breashears

    12 órája

    I personally want lil whip to come back but he should come any day now :/

  3. Fear The Pixels

    Fear The Pixels

    17 órája

    Lavish emote😔

  4. Bolt FN

    Bolt FN

    3 napja

    I want chopper an d backbone to come back there unique

  5. Samantha Sheep

    Samantha Sheep

    4 napja

    I just want toys back 😭

  6. Vasco Neto

    Vasco Neto

    5 napja

    Sometimes you talk so much shit that I'm impressed, you don't know what's with John Wick!?? My God..

  7. JVG TV

    JVG TV

    5 napja

    I want a Poki emote with Chance skin :)

  8. IvanIsVibing


    8 napja

    Account merging

  9. Tomáš Kiss

    Tomáš Kiss

    10 napja

    I want marshmello to come back

  10. Octobob 11

    Octobob 11

    10 napja

    I always love st. Patrick’s say since I live in Ireland and always love wearing the girl clover skin

  11. AeRiaL


    11 napja

    im waiting for...The powerfull T-pose

  12. jim chloupis

    jim chloupis

    11 napja

    Anyone else noticed that his unfamiliar name is still the same???

  13. Martin Gustavsson

    Martin Gustavsson

    11 napja

    That water wrap reminds me of Half Life Alyx beer bottles

  14. qtKonquer


    11 napja

    Why aren’t you at 1mil

  15. Sebastian


    12 napja

    i want zadie back and rue and pokis emote

  16. Jisify


    13 napja

    I’m Still waiting for Zadie lol

  17. Laxs


    13 napja

    Leviathan pickaxe and Clash skin

  18. Jonathan Penetra

    Jonathan Penetra

    14 napja

    Honestly, I would love to have splode, hotwire, taro and plague. Am I asking much?

  19. Anastassiya Pace

    Anastassiya Pace

    14 napja

    Please bring back Empress 💜

  20. Senzawa hype man

    Senzawa hype man

    14 napja

    I don’t know why but itf is one of those people who try to act innocent we all know little Timmy just want some of that Fortnite female bong adong

  21. Jax-FN


    14 napja

    Is ruby shadow free

  22. Raka Raditya Maulana

    Raka Raditya Maulana

    14 napja

    I want renegade shadow

  23. 2idbu


    14 napja

    Every Body travis vil be coming back the 13 februar

  24. Paul Young

    Paul Young

    14 napja

    The og fortnite map I’m og season 3 player

  25. Willxcx


    14 napja

    Even with the changes I’m still waiting for the superhero skins ngl

  26. TNTeck 1

    TNTeck 1

    14 napja

    Still waiting for STW

  27. Taylor Be Swift

    Taylor Be Swift

    14 napja

    im waiting for empress

  28. Regan Rodriguez

    Regan Rodriguez

    14 napja

    I wish 2fa wasn’t a thing :/

  29. final trevor

    final trevor

    14 napja

    Midas :(

  30. Bot Snowman

    Bot Snowman

    14 napja

    I want clash to come back

  31. Muhammad Syazwan Mohd Azizul

    Muhammad Syazwan Mohd Azizul

    14 napja

    I just want the poki emote to come back........it havent came back since a year

  32. Arvid Che

    Arvid Che

    14 napja

    RUEE , I’ve been waiting for 250 days😭😭

  33. 3ND3RM4N _777

    3ND3RM4N _777

    14 napja

    Where is shadow ops !!!! Bruh !!!!

  34. C2GamerX


    14 napja

    i want rook skin i wasnt playin in 2018 unfortunately

  35. Epic low Dab

    Epic low Dab

    14 napja

    I don’t want to know what’s coming back, I like the cycle of removing current items and adding new and old items almost at random

  36. Roan Versteeg

    Roan Versteeg

    14 napja

    I really like ur video's bdw

  37. Roan Versteeg

    Roan Versteeg

    14 napja

    I want zadie to come back

  38. Casper Gindeberg-Solander

    Casper Gindeberg-Solander

    14 napja

    I am wacing for the superhero skins

  39. Forever Blossoms

    Forever Blossoms

    14 napja

    I want Poki to come back out 🥺

  40. Fallen Rose

    Fallen Rose

    14 napja

    I need pinkie and rue and also freemix,poki and my sugar rush NOW

  41. Unknown Rex

    Unknown Rex

    14 napja

    Waiting for llama conga but no one cares about that

  42. zWuzi


    14 napja

    I feel like instead of lifetime refunds, it should be seasonal and every season it will reset back to 3 refunds

    • Kiwu Cl9wn

      Kiwu Cl9wn

      5 napja

      Maybe we could compromise and say like 2

  43. Caleb Iozzio

    Caleb Iozzio

    14 napja

    Where is the Star Lord set and Dynamite Emote. I know that Star Lord is something that Epic and most of the community would like to forget but it is still creative and awesome. I mean at least Black Widow got a redo but Star Lord needs some Love. Star Wars sets would be nice too.

  44. Grifter


    14 napja

    I got all of these

  45. Corgi


    14 napja

    travis better come out tonight

  46. RyZe


    15 napja

    I really want superhero

  47. Nbayoung E- Stop motions studio

    Nbayoung E- Stop motions studio

    15 napja

    I want poki

  48. ThePotter


    15 napja

    İdk but i really want the special forces skin back ngl

  49. Eli Wolff

    Eli Wolff

    15 napja

    CAN YOU PLEASE TO THE GRUBHUB MEME NEXT????? IT WOULD BE SOOOO FUNNY!!! (If you cant at least reply) ALSO YOU! (yeah you with the shirt on, that's reading this comment.) please like the comment if you want to see nick put this meme in. i'd be sooo funny edit: oh look, a person liked the comment.

  50. Top Coppelion

    Top Coppelion

    15 napja

    Triage Trooper, Synapse, Sun Tan Specialists and Shake it up emote epic and you've got an instant customer.

  51. Boom The Win

    Boom The Win

    15 napja

    Who wants the og map back i want a feature to chose any season map from any chapter all i want is that

  52. Platinum IK30

    Platinum IK30

    15 napja

    I've been dying for Marshmello to come back

  53. zMagicc


    15 napja

    They need to bring back recon specialist I’ve been waiting for it to come back for a year now...

    • Jamie


      6 napja

      i have it xD

  54. Nixo ay

    Nixo ay

    15 napja

    I have travis scott and for anyone who wants to see him u can check some gameplay on my channel😂

  55. Eli Lol

    Eli Lol

    15 napja

    Focus 🥰

  56. Omar AlHassani

    Omar AlHassani

    15 napja

    man all I want is poki

  57. Cookie Army

    Cookie Army

    15 napja

    Anyone else realised his epic name

  58. Shade ツ

    Shade ツ

    15 napja

    Me waiting for sig 👁💧👄💧👁

  59. Aliza Fatima

    Aliza Fatima

    15 napja

    I like harley quinn skin soo much

  60. Jared


    15 napja

    Indigo Kuno never coming out just face it

  61. Yt Personnummer

    Yt Personnummer

    15 napja


  62. RaidzZ


    15 napja

    I Rlly Want the "Reflex" skin

  63. ToM


    15 napja

    Been waiting for kitbash for like 2 years :(

  64. Raccoon Edward

    Raccoon Edward

    15 napja

    I want the emote fresh to come back😭😭😭

  65. Ryft


    15 napja

    Haha i have the Lucky Rider and the backbling is so dull

  66. XD team

    XD team

    15 napja

    I just want the superhero skins to come back but people are stupid to glitch it

  67. Oscar Svensson

    Oscar Svensson

    15 napja

    I want the skin that slushiimusic is using in the beginning of your video to come back, cuz its cool and it reminds me of Dead space a little

  68. sweaty copper

    sweaty copper

    15 napja

    I don't want a skin to comeback i want DOUBLE PUMP R.I.P D.P😣

  69. Adam Olsen

    Adam Olsen

    15 napja

    Harley hitter

  70. gta 5 expert

    gta 5 expert

    15 napja

    I want widows bite, mandolorean's picaxe, and scourge.

  71. Anastassiya Pace

    Anastassiya Pace

    15 napja

    Please bring back Empress 💜

  72. M.R Pro gaming Pro gaming

    M.R Pro gaming Pro gaming

    15 napja

    Travis Scott

  73. FaZe Awesome

    FaZe Awesome

    15 napja

    ive been using fnbr forever

  74. FaZe Awesome

    FaZe Awesome

    15 napja

    love the joker intro

  75. Shpligaphlorp Is da best

    Shpligaphlorp Is da best

    15 napja

    Any rare emote. Its always the ones with good music that are rare.

  76. Coreupted K1ng

    Coreupted K1ng

    15 napja

    not gonna lie i have moist of these skins

  77. PunchedRose


    15 napja

    “Reskin of overtaker and burnout”, but what about rusty boi :(

  78. Mikeey Rox

    Mikeey Rox

    15 napja

    Manic skin

  79. Scotty Bee

    Scotty Bee

    15 napja

    people will come and go

  80. Rancasaur


    15 napja

    You know what I really want back in fortnite? My friends

  81. Harley 123

    Harley 123

    15 napja

    I’ve been waiting for clash to come back out since February of last year but idk if she will since she hasn’t been updated for the new shop 😭

  82. LADA


    15 napja

    I wanted Harley hitter Shadow ops Zadie Highland warrior The double agent pack The double agent pickaxe back And merging to come back....

  83. DoniXWarrior


    15 napja

    I’m waiting for Harley Quinn

  84. Anthony Hill

    Anthony Hill

    15 napja

    What if Aerial Assault Trooper or Renagade Raider come back

  85. LADA


    15 napja

    The wrap is already out. It’s called “ optimistic”

  86. Epix on Switch

    Epix on Switch

    15 napja

    Can i the vbuck card

  87. Marshall Hunter

    Marshall Hunter

    15 napja

    Travis burber

  88. Flamez


    15 napja

    I believe Marshmello will come out sometime next month because all of the Valentine stuff right now perfect time to drop next month Edit:Not gonna lie just want Marshmello cause I been wanting it the last time came out and sadly I didn’t have money so.....

  89. futbolfish05


    15 napja

    No superheroes? Huh

  90. Franklin Clinton

    Franklin Clinton

    15 napja

    I felt so mad when those stupid sweats ruined the first game in the gameplay and ended it with a pickaxe these are the people that ruin the game

  91. Jimmy Neutron

    Jimmy Neutron

    15 napja

    Not to be a sweat but, soccer skins (dont bully me i just like the soccer skin)

  92. Crash_game _10

    Crash_game _10

    15 napja

    I want the walking dead skins come back ✨

  93. MayoinxAce


    15 napja

    Let me get that vbuck card tho

  94. 🔥Leroy Makes Art🔥

    🔥Leroy Makes Art🔥

    15 napja

    Where is the Community choice Wave Rider Skin???

  95. Com3dy Trio Gamez

    Com3dy Trio Gamez

    15 napja


  96. TunaShark 30

    TunaShark 30

    15 napja

    I want shot caller and ripple wrap to come back. They got an edit style in the teaser for season 4 but never got it in the game. I talk , keep up the good work

    • Lily Is a qt

      Lily Is a qt

      15 napja


  97. introvertedGamers


    15 napja

    Now we talkin about rue, woo

    • introvertedGamers


      15 napja

      I just saw the thumbnail, tough

    • introvertedGamers


      15 napja


  98. シLcvely


    15 napja

    Im still waiting for Rue to come back😕

  99. steve 2021

    steve 2021

    15 napja

    We have the same jelly combo 😀

  100. Andrew N

    Andrew N

    15 napja

    bring back fortnite season 7 to 9.